Do you need help with your classes?

If you are struggling in your classes, our first recommendation is to contact your teacher directly, as they are your best source of help for particular classes. Teachers are here by 7:ooAM and stay until at least 2:3oPM, if not later. However, we can also find you help in other ways. Please see below:


Friday Academic Support Time is every Friday in our Library from 7:30-8:30am. National Honor Society Students and other adults are available while teachers are in professional development to help students who are struggling or need some extra time for studies. Sign up to attend in the Assistant Principal's Office or contact Mrs. Brokus at 563.552.5504

Rams Assisting & Mentoring Students happens all day long! If you have a "free period" or study hall, you can visit RAMS in the Library. They are available on Mondays and Wednesdays every period of the school day. You might also find them there before or after school. Check in with the AP's office or the School Counseling Office if you would like more information about if RAMS can assist you.

Students who have shown proficiency in a certain subject areas might be available to tutor before or after school or during their free period. Contact us to see if we can connect you.

This is a service provided through Carnegie Stout that provides 1 on 1 live tutoring from 2pm-11pm. They work with the kids on their own specific homework!! More information for how to create accounts is on the library webpage.
(this can be found on the Senior webpage under the student tab and the library website)

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